hand watering pink flowers in garden bed

How (not) to kill your garden!

If you're not having much success in the garden, here are 6 common mistakes you could be making.

November 5, 2020
hand watering pink flowers in garden bed

1.     Not preparing the soil before planting

We have sandy soil here in WA, so soil preparation before planting is a must. You’ll need to add compost or well-rotted manure to improve moisture and nutrient retention for a successful garden.  

 2.     Overwatering

Most overenthusiastic gardeners are guilty of this, but the roots of most plants hate sitting in water. Frequent watering may be necessary until seedlings and cuttings get established. But once they have developed a good root system, water them at longer, regular intervals.

 3.     Planting sun lovers in the shade

If you have a shady garden, you’ll never have success with sun-loving plants, no matter how much you love them! Check your garden at different times during the day to see which areas get sunlight, and for how long; then choose your plants accordingly.

 4.     Planting too close

Many people make the mistake of planting seeds and seedlings too close together. Crowded plants suffer from nutrient deficiencies, poor air circulation and have to compete for moisture and sunlight. Always use the spacing recommendations on the plant tags or seed packets and if necessary, thin out the plants as they grow.

5.     Planting out of season

Many of us probably have planted seeds or cuttings at the wrong time of the year and watch them sprout a little to start with, but then give up. There is lots of information out there about what should be planted and when.

 6.     Not pruning your shrubs and trees

Pruning is hard but necessary work. If left unpruned unnecessary branches sap them of energy which would otherwise go into producing new growth and fruit.

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