How to create a busy board

How to create a busy board

A busy board like this one helps toddlers to develop their fine motor skills as they delight in discovering how things work. It is an enjoyable project to work on and they make great gifts. All you need is a selection of interesting hardware and something to mount them on. A pinewood chopping board is ideal.

May 15, 2020
Toddler playing with a busy board

Attach a selection of latches, hinges, chains and switches. Avoid sharp or removeable objects. As your child gets older you can change the items to suit your child’s ability and strength.

Busy boards are not just for kids - they are great therapy for adults such as those recovering from a stroke or experiencing dementia.

Items on our board

  • Slide latch
  • Door chain
  • Door stop
  • Drain filter
  • Light switch
  • Hinge
  • Case fastener
  • Castor wheel

Gather your supplies.

A pine wood chopping board is ideal for mounting all the items on. We found bamboo difficult to screw into without pre-drilling.

Plan where you are going to place each item and then screw them in firmly.

Adult supervision is recommended for very young children.

10 activities that develop fine motor skills

Simple ways to improve coordination and dexterity.

  1. Putting coins in a piggy bank
  2. Modelling with play-dough
  3. Using a hole punch
  4. Picking up small items with kitchen tongs
  5. Threading pasta on a string
  6. Attaching paper clips to card
  7. Stacking blocks
  8. Pegging small items on a clothes horse
  9. Cutting out and glueing pictures from catalogues
  10. Completing jigsaw puzzles

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