4 great ideas for a child friendly kitchen renovation

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and have kids (or are planning to have them) it’s a great idea to factor them into your plans.

December 9, 2021


  • If you want a bustling, ‘heart of the home’ style kitchen, an open plan with an island bench is the best option. This can flow seamlessly into the family room so that the kids can still see you while you are in the kitchen, and you can see them (and what they’re up to!).  
  • If you prefer to create a child-free zone, a U-shaped kitchen closes off access at one end and will keep little family members out – which can be safer during cooking.  


Whether they’re toddlers, or teens your kids will give your benchtops a good workout, so stick to durable (and easily wipeable) options.  

  • Laminate has been the go-to for parents for ages because it is durable and reasonably priced.  
  • Also look out for materials such as Corian or quartz, which are stain-resistant and durable (and can also be repaired if broken).  
  • Engineered stone and acrylic solid surface benchtops are non-porous meaning that moisture can’t get in, avoiding damage and staining.  
  • Silestone is non-porous but also antibacterial, making it a popular choice for parents of young children.
  • You should also opt for rounded bench top ends to avoid nasty accidents, bumps and lots of tears.  

Bench space and height

  • If you have space for an island, think about the ways you want to use it. Including seating will make the kitchen more multipurpose, for homework, study, or work.
  • In a food prep zone, it’s best to choose a work surface at a height that’s best for the person who does most of the cooking, but you could also include work surfaces at different heights. This could include a child height bench so they can help in the kitchen without having to stand on a stool.


Sticky finger marks are less visible on a matte surface than a glossy one, and even less so on wood. You just have to decide how much cleaning you are willing to do!

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