little girls making indoor cubby from sheet

Indoor cubby fun!

It’s the little things that make the best memories and who doesn’t love a cubby!

July 16, 2020

It’s the little things that make the best memories and who doesn’t love a cubby!

You don’t need anything special to make them; just use things you have around the house already and let their imaginations run wild.

First, decide how long the cubby will last. If it’s just for the day, then the lounge could be used for a few hours. But if it’s likely to stay for a while, a corner of their bedroom (or playroom if you have one) might be a better spot. Also, decide what’s going inside the cubby. If it’s a mattress or bean bags, you’ll need to make sure there will be enough space.

Here are a few things you could use to build your cubby:

  • Flat and fitted sheets and blankets (fitted sheets are great for hooking around furniture).
  • Lots of pegs or butterfly clips to attach sheets and blankets to furniture.
  • Dining table - A large table with sheets or blankets draped over make a quick and easy cubby.
  • Dining chairs or armchairs – Arrange dining chairs with the backs facing inwards and drape sheets or blankets for the roof and walls.
  • Bed and hooks– attach some removable hooks to the wall next to the bed. Secure a fitted sheet to the hooks and hook the fitted sheet around the mattress for a ‘lean to’ cubby.
  • Broom or mop handles – Secure them at the top with tape or string and drape over a sheet or blanket to make a tepee.

Don’t forget to furnish your cubby!

  • Mats or rugs for the floor
  • Blankets, cushions and pillows
  • Bean bags
  • Battery operated fairy lights
  • A torch
  • Games, books, toys and snacks!

5 benefits of good, old-fashioned cubby fun for kids

  1. It provides a precious and cosy space that they can call their own.
  2. Building, or helping to build, a cubby is great for their imagination and gives them a sense of achievement.
  3. It’s a fun way to get the kids to ‘unplug’.
  4. It’s a space they can share with friends, helping to build social skills.
  5. It fuels their imagination. It may be a few chairs and a blanket, but to them it’s a fort, a pirate ship, a dinosaur cave or a fairy castle.

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