Match the perfect split system air-conditioning to your room

5 things to consider when choosing a split system air conditioner

August 27, 2020

If your split system air conditioner isn't performing as you'd like, it might be that it's the wrong size for your needs.

You need to purchase an air conditioner which has the capacity to match the size of your room If the air conditioner is too powerful, the room will get too hot or too cold and increase your running costs. If it isn't powerful enough, it will have to work too hard to maintain the required temperature and suffer excessive wear and tear.

To make sure you don't make an expensive mistake, it's best to consult an air-conditioning professional for expert advice.

A proper calculation by an air conditioning expert will take all the room's details into account.

  • The size of the room: length, width and height.
  • The type of room: living room, open-plan living room and kitchen, bedroom, etc.
  • The size and orientation of the windows and glass doors: a large west-facing window can let in a lot of heat in summer.
  • Shading and curtains on the windows.
  • Insulation of the floor, ceiling, and walls.

It's always tempting to go with a cheaper option, but appropriately sized, higher quality systems tend to be more efficient, making them more likely to pay for themselves over time.