Mess free finger painting for toddlers!

If a painting session with your toddler fills you with dread, we’ve got a great activity that will keep them occupied and they (and you and your home) won’t be covered in paint when they’ve finished!

May 19, 2022

You will need:

Masking tape

Finger paint – or any paint that’s not too thin!  

Thick white paper or card – or you could use a small canvas

Zip lock bags slightly larger than the card/canvas you are using


  1. Take your card/canvas and squeeze blobs of paint all over it. You can decide on a colour scheme, such as blues and greens, or oranges and reds, or just ask your toddler to choose the colours and see what happens!
  1. Put the card/paper carefully into the zip lock bag.
  1. Close the bag.
  1. You can tape it to the table or surface you are using (and this will also mean your toddler can’t open the bag!)
  1. Let your toddler loose and see what they create. They can splat, squish, squeeze and move the paint around anyway they like.
  1. When the masterpiece is complete, remove the tape and carefully cut around the zip lock bag and peel away the top layer.
  1. Allow to dry.  

Mess free finger painting is great because:

  • It doesn’t require any special tools.  
  • Painting is one of the best ways to work on hand-eye coordination and strengthen fine motor skills.  
  • It’s a great way to explore creativity, colour mixing, and texture.
  • You won’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards!
  • It’s a lot of fun!

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