4 reasons why you should dry clean your clothes

There are many benefits of using professional dry-cleaning services on certain types of garments. Here are the top four.

June 3, 2021

Protect delicate fabrics

Even the gentlest washing machine cycle can damage clothes made from delicate fabrics.  

Anything that might lose its shape or needs gentle care should be dry-cleaned.

Tough stain removal

If you spilled something on your favourite shirt or dress, taking it to the dry-cleaner before the stain sets in is your best chance of removing the stain. Dry-cleaning dissolves oils and grease to leave clothes looking like it never happened.  

Longer lasting clothes

Machine washing will break down your clothes over time, and the spin cycle is especially tough on fabrics. On the other hand, dry-cleaning is gentle, and clothing is cleaned and pressed to stay in its original shape. With regular dry-cleaning, you are protecting your investment.  

Save time

A ‘Dry-Clean Only’ label isn’t the only reason to take your clothes to the dry-cleaners. If you have an item which requires hand washing or something which can’t hung on the washing line or popped into the tumble dryer (such as sweaters), then dry-cleaning is a great time-saving option. Your favourite items of clothing will be handed back to you clean and wrinkle-free without any of the effort.