Two young ladies taking a selfie

Be a tourist in your own city

Most of us take our hometown for granted. But if we take the time to do a bit of exploring as tourists do, we could discover things new and exciting things right under our nose. You’ll also be helping out businesses that rely on tourism.

February 18, 2021
Two young ladies taking a selfie

A good place to start

Head to any hotel or tourist information centre and grab some brochures. Google ‘unusual things to do for tourists in Perth’ and your search may throw up something new.

Take a tour

Take a bus, boat or walking tour. Joining a tour with a professional guide can provide insight into the history and culture that you never knew before.

Be your family’s tour guide

Grab your family or friends and show them around. Do some research about different or unusual places to visit and find things that they haven’t seen before.


Leave the car keys at home and get walking. It’s amazing what you can discover when you’re not just whizzing past in a car. To make it more fun – don’t use Google maps and be prepared to get a bit lost!


Grab a meal somewhere you’ve never eaten before or try a new style of food. Don’t go to a place you know – that’s cheating!

Take photos

Take cheesy photos of yourself in front of tourist spots! You could take a selfie with a Quokka on Rottnest Island! Or take a photo at the iconic Blue Boatshed in Crawley.

Book a ‘staycation’

Of course, the best way to feel like a tourist is to book into a hotel. You can also make use of the concierge at a hotel to give you some hints and tips on new things to do.

Perth on a budget

  1. Visit the art gallery and explore the Perth Cultural Centre.
  2. Take yourself on a street art walking tour – there is so much fabulous street art popping up in the city and our suburbs.
  3. The City of Perth information kiosk offers free guided walking tours run by volunteers, or self-guided walking tour itineraries if you’d prefer to do it on your own.
  4. Spend the afternoon having a picnic in Kings Park or on the Perth foreshore.
  5. Take a walk around a section of the river you’ve never explored before.
  6. Go to the beach and watch the sunset.
  7. You could even create a scavenger hunt with a list of things to find and photograph, such as the ‘bottle cap’ tree on King Street.

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