tomato seedlings growing in an egg carton

Grow some savings in the garden!

Having a beautiful garden can be expensive – with plants, maintenance, water and fertilisers just to mention a few of the costs. But you can do it on a budget, so here are some simple ways to save and still enjoy your garden.

May 20, 2021
tomato seedlings growing in an egg carton
  1. Start your plants from seed and watch them grow. Follow the instructions on the seed packet - you don’t even need to buy special seedling containers. An egg carton is ideal and you can plant each section into the garden when your seedlings are ready.  
  1. Take some cuttings from existing plants if you’ve got a few bare patches.  
  1. Have a plant swap with friends – swap excess plants, seedlings or cuttings to get more variety and colour.
  1. Buy smaller plants. If you’re a patient gardener, the smaller pots are always less expensive than the larger ones.  
  1. Start your own compost bin – it saves money buying it and will also keep food waste out of landfill.
  1. The more you buy, the more you save – split a trailer load of mulch with your neighbours.
  1. And while we’re on the subject of mulch, it saves water (savings on your water bill) and also prevents weeds from popping up (saving your time).  
  1. Plan, plan, plan. Avoid impulse buying, whether you’re buying plants or shopping for garden equipment. Do proper research and only buy the things you have planned and have space for.  
  1. Forget shop bought fertilisers. Sprinkle used tea leaves around your plants. Every time you water they will increase nitrogen levels, improving soil structure and giving earthworms something delicious to eat.  
  1. Use old cooking water to fertilise plants – when you boil, steam veggies or eggs, once the water has cooled, pour it on your plants.
  1. Get together with neighbours and share gardening equipment.
  1. Buy second-hand gardening equipment from op shops or join your local Buy Nothing Facebook group and keep an eye out for people gifting gardening items.

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