How to help someone who is isolating with COVID-19

It’s a bit of an uncertain time in Perth and some of our friends, family or neighbours may have to isolate (or just want to avoid crowded places). Here’s what you can do to help.

March 17, 2022


  • If you are shopping, offer to pick up anything they need (including any medication).
  • Make meals for them. You could make more of whatever you are eating that day or cook up a batch of meals for their freezer (but make sure that they have the room to store them first).
  • Deliver a coffee and a treat from a local café.
  • If you’re having a baking session, make extra. There’s nothing nicer than some home baked goodies to enjoy when you are stuck in the house!


Offer to pick up any pet essentials, walk any dogs or take any sick animals to the vet.

Stay connected

Stay in touch with a phone call, email, or video call.


Write a letter to someone. It’s a meaningful alternative to a visit and shows you have taken the time to write rather than just sending a quick text.  

Drop off a ‘care package’

  • What you include is up to you. It could be some nice lotions and soap, yummy treats, a scented candle, a book to read, some magazines or a jigsaw.  
  • You could also suggest a list of any shows or films you’ve enjoyed watching on one of the streaming services.  

The main thing is letting friends, family and neighbours know you are there if needed, and that you care. If you are dropping things off at their home – you should drop items at your door but not go inside. Always observe Covid rules and follow safe hygiene practices.

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