6 helpful tips to throw a successful Christmas street party

Street parties are a great way to catch up with neighbours and even meet a few new ones. But how do you get started? Read on!

December 2, 2021
  1. Start by flagging the idea of a street party with the neighbours that you already know. Have a chat to see how popular the idea is going to be. Find one or two neighbours willing to help organise – it will make it so much easier!  
  1. Decide how big your street party is going to be. Will you invite the whole street, or just one section (such as the area between two intersecting roads)? If it's the first time you and your neighbours are coming together, keep it small to allow time to chat and make connections.
  1. Next, you need to decide where the party will be held. It could be in the street, in a local park or in someone’s garden. This will depend on the number of people attending. If you want to hold your party in the street, you will have to contact your local council to check for any requirements.  
  1. Decide how you are going to organise food and drink. The easiest way is to make it BYO, but you could also make it a catered event, where everyone shares the cost.
  1. Create the invitations. Keep it invite only – the idea is to get to know your street, not invite everyone you know! Make sure all the details are on the invitation – what time is starts, the location, what they should bring and who is invited. Most people will be happy to be involved but don’t take it personally if there are a few people who don’t want to participate.  
  1. If there are going to be lots of kids attending, one of the adults could dress up as Santa (each family providing a present for their children) and make a surprise appearance!

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