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Host a party - without upsetting your neighbours

Celebrating special occasions can be fun, but it’s important that disruption is kept to a minimum to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours. Here are 6 tips for hosting a successful party and keeping everybody happy.

July 23, 2020
man covering his ears with pillow

1. Invite your neighbours!

When you’re planning to have a party at home, the best way to keep your neighbours happy is to invite them! Obviously, this depends on how friendly you are with your neighbours and this solution might not work for everyone.

2. Consider keeping loud music inside

A tip to help with this is try and keep music inside and contained as much as possible. If it is out in your backyard it will travel further and potentially upset more people.

3. Consider starting earlier and finishing earlier

Also getting your party started earlier and finishing earlier will mean that your neighbours are less likely to complain.

4. Be specific about the time you plan to turn the music down and stick to it

If your neighbours know you plan to turn the music off at midnight, they will most likely put up with it until then.

5. Make sure your guests park considerately

If there is a lack of parking on your street, suggest to guests that they car share, use a taxi or take public transport.

If guests do drive, check they haven’t parked illegally or caused an obstruction.

6. Be quiet when leaving

Make sure all guests stay on your property and leave quietly when it’s time to go home.

Always notify neighbours about your party plans

  • The polite thing to do is to let your neighbours know you are planning a party.
  • Let them know what you plan in terms of size, hours and music.
  • Tell them they are welcome to contact you if they have any problems.
  • The easiest way is to pop a note into letterboxes with your contact number.
  • If it’s a special event such as a significant birthday, tell your neighbours. This way they won’t think it is going to be a regular occurrence.
  • Keep in mind that your neighbours don’t have to put up with the disruption just because you told them you were having a party.

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