Homemade ice cream with blueberries on top

Make ice cream at home in a bag. No freezer required!

It’s a science experiment that has delicious results. You don’t need anything fancy, just a few simple ingredients and a couple of ziplock bags.

May 27, 2021
Homemade ice cream with blueberries on top


For each person:

1/4 cup of cream

1/4 cup of milk  

1 tsp sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/4 cup of rock salt  

2 cups of ice

1 x snack size and 1 x sandwich size ziplock bag


  1. Add the cream, milk and vanilla to the smaller bag.  
  1. Squeeze out as much air as you can before sealing the bag.  
  1. You could also double bag the mix to stop it leaking and to stop any salt getting into your ice cream.  
  1. Remove as much air as possible again before sealing it.  
  1. Put half the ice into the larger bag and add the salt.
  1. Then add your milk and cream filled bag.  
  1. Add the rest of the ice and seal.

Then get moving and shaking!

Wrap a tea towel around the bag or use oven mitts as the ice is really cold (obviously!).

Shake and squish for about 6 – 10 minutes or until the ice cream has started to form.

Remove the small bag and rinse, to make sure that no salt gets into your ice cream.

Open the bag and enjoy plain or with your favourite topping, such as sprinkles or fruit.  

Give everyone a bag of their own to shake to avoid any arguments!

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