Organise a plant swap in your street

Organise a plant swap in your street

Gardening can be expensive, but there is a great way to lower the cost by sharing excess plants and cuttings with neighbours in your street.

March 3, 2021
Lots of pairs of hands holding seedlings in pots

A plant swap is the perfect way to thin and divide plants, take some cuttings and get some new plants to enjoy for your garden.  

How does it work?

The idea behind a plant swap is to ‘leave a plant, take a plant’.  

  • Print out some basic flyers inviting people in your street (and adjoining streets depending on how big you want it to be). Make sure you include a date, time and location and give everyone an idea of how it will all work.
  • A back or front yard is the best place for your plant swap. Set up some tables to hold all the plants.
  • Ask everyone to bring their plants and cuttings in individual (preferably recycled) containers. Each container should have the name of the plant written on it with basic care instructions.
  • Ask that everyone takes away the same number of items as they brought.
  • Ask everyone to make sure that plants are healthy, and bug and disease free.  

A plant swap is a great opportunity to spend time with your community, learn from other gardeners (or hear funny stories from people who struggle to keep their plants alive!) and most of all, expand your plant collection without spending a cent.

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