Wave goodbye to wrinkles

We’re talking wrinkles of the clothing variety! The fewer wrinkles your freshly dried clothes have – the less time you’ll spend ironing. Bonus!

March 11, 2024

Here are some clever tricks to dry your clothes wrinkle-free (ish):

  • Right after your wash cycle finishes, give your clothes a vigorous shake. It's a great way to kickstart the drying process and shake off a few wrinkles.

  • Crank up the spin cycle on your washing machine to whisk away as much water as possible (fabric-type permitting - always check the label!). The less water in your clothes, the faster they'll dry and the less wrinkly they'll be.

  • If you’re air drying, use hangers for shirts and dresses, smoothing out any creases with your hands. For pants, clip them by the waistband to the hanger. Let gravity do the heavy lifting and stretch some of those wrinkles away.

  • If air drying isn't an option, your tumble dryer can be a hero in the fight against wrinkles. Toss in a dry towel to speed things up and absorb some of the moisture. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your dryer if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay.

  • Once dry, don't just toss your clothes into a basket. Either gently fold or roll them, or even better, hang them up straight away. It's all about treating your clothes with a little TLC to avoid creases.

  • Keep an eye on the clock when using the tumble dryer and remove clothes as soon as they are dry to avoid any unnecessary wrinkling. And if you've let them sit a bit too long, a quick tumble dry with a couple of ice cubes can help to steam out any creases.

  • Keep fabrics of similar weights together. Tumble drying your jeans with your favourite linen shirt won’t end well when it comes to wrinkles. It might mean more loads but remember – not so much ironing!

  • If your dried laundry still has a few too many wrinkles for your liking, a quick tumble with a dampened dryer sheet or woollen dryer ball can help to smooth out any creases.

  • Or you could hang items in your bathroom while you shower. The steam offers a gentle, wrinkle-relaxing treatment, just keep them clear of the water!

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