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Things to keep out of your tumble dryer!

A tumble dryer is an extremely handy appliance for lots of clothes, but there some things to keep away to avoid an ‘oops’ moment!

October 18, 2023

Spandex and elasticated items

Heat and elasticated fabric will never be friends! High dryer temperatures can turn them into a mess, making your favourite pieces lose their shape and comfort. Always air dry out of the direct heat of the sun.


Silk, lace and other delicate fabrics are like fine china - they don't play nice with tumble dryers' heat. Trust us; you don't want to deal with shrunken, wrinkled, or snagged items. Treat these lovelies to a gentle air-dry, and they'll thank you by staying fabulous.Why you should dry clean your clothes


Whether it’s silk stockings, or woollen socks, hosiery should always be air-dried to prevent shrinking, snags, and pilling.


Leather jackets, faux leather, and suede should never go into your tumble dryer. The high heat can warp them, leaving you with a fashion disaster. If they get wet, just let them air-dry away from direct sunlight. Faux fur falls into this category too, so be gentle with it.


Wool is super cosy in winter, but it can be a bit of a drama queen in the dryer. Always check the label for drying instructions. If it's a no-go, the heat can make your woollens shrink. Even if it's okay for the dryer, consider using one with special wool programs to keep them in tip-top shape. How to wash and dry your woollens in winter

Clothes with sequins and beads 

If you’re fond of a bit of bling on your clothes – such as sequins or glued-on accents, keep them away from your tumble dryer.  High temperatures can dissolve the glue holding these decorations in place, and you'll end up with a fashion disaster and bits of glue, glitter, and sequins in your tumble dryer. Plus, they might even damage other garments. So, give those dazzlers a little extra care.

Tennis shoes/fabric shoes

While it may be tempting to toss your fabric running shoes into the dryer when wet, the high heat can cause the soles to separate. It’s best to let them air dry for 24 hours before wearing them again.  
And when in doubt, don’t risk it, or it could end in tears. Always opt for air drying instead.

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