9 easy ways to support your local café or restaurant

Now that restrictions are back in WA, our local cafes and restaurants have reduced capacity. Here are 9 simple ways to show your support.

March 31, 2022
  1. If you are arranging a party or get-together (within COVID restrictions of course!), ask a local business to do the catering.
  1. Family lunch? If you order from a local restaurant or café, they will really appreciate it and it means less work for you!
  1. Buy a birthday cake from a local café.
  1. Buy a takeaway coffee & muffin and go and sit in the park with friends for a catch up.
  1. Breakfast on the run? Skip the fast-food places and grab a local takeaway instead.
  1. Commit to getting lunch from a local café at least once a week
  1. Some café and restaurant owners sell vouchers and gift cards so consider buying for friends or family as a gift.
  1. Working from home? Schedule a meeting at your local café. Or if you fancy a change of scenery from your four walls, treat yourself to breakfast, brunch or lunch and work from a café for a couple of hours.
  1. When you grab your takeaway coffee – pay for an extra one for a stranger!

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