How to fake a clean house in 30 minutes

If family or friends popping are round for an impromptu visit and your house looks like a hurricane has hit, here are some clever tips to make it look clean and tidy in no time (we won’t tell if you don’t!).

March 10, 2022

Stick to sorting out the areas your visitors will see and close the doors to all the other rooms!

  • Grab a laundry basket and clear all counter tops and stray items from the floor (put it behind one of the closed doors to deal with later).
  • Open doors to let fresh air through
  • Vacuum & mop high traffic areas only
  • Spray some air freshener or light a scented candle

Quick kitchen cleaning tips

  • Grab a microfibre cloth and some fresh smelling spray and quickly wipe down all surfaces.  
  • Put any dishes in the dishwasher – or if you don’t use one, quickly wash the dishes and put them in the drainer.

Bathroom/toilet cleaning tips

  • Close any shower curtains!
  • Put out fresh towels
  • Throw any used towels into the washing machine to wash later
  • Give the floor a quick wipe with the mop
  • Wipe the vanity top, the toilet top and tank, as well as the sink bowl, counter, and taps.
  • Clear clutter from the vanity and stash in the cupboard.  
  • Give your loo a squirt with toilet cleaner, leave it a few minutes, then give it a quick swish with the loo brush and flush  

Hallway and lounge cleaning tips

Give your hallway a quick tidy – straighten any shoe racks and coats that may be hanging. Quickly run the vacuum over the hallway runner or any mats.

Living room cleaning tips

  • With a microfiber cloth, wipe down coffee tables, the visible edges of bookshelves and TV screen
  • Organise magazines and remotes on coffee tables or in baskets
  • Vacuum the middle of the room (don’t worry about the edges)
  • Plump up any sofa cushions

You can also use these simple tips to keep the mess in your house under control if you don’t have time to do a proper clean (or simply have better things to do!).

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