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Create plastic free party bags for kids!

Ditch the plastic and check out our easy and creative ideas for plastic-free party bags that will leave kids, parents (and our environment) with a big smile on their face!

November 2, 2023

First, grab some plain paper bags (available in packs at some supermarkets and craft shops). As a party activity you could also get the kids to decorate the bags (double bonus!).

There are lots of non-plastic items you can find to go into the bags – here are some ideas to get you started.


Kids love growing things, and you never know, this could spark a lifelong love of gardening! You could choose bright and colourful sunflowers, pansies, violas (or a mixed packet) or go for something edible such as strawberries, tomatoes, or snow peas. You could also make your own seed bombs to add to the bags.

Play dough

This never gets old – and it’s easy to make your own and store in recycled glass jars

Arty stuff

Think crayons, chalk, and coloured pencils. You could also print out some colouring in sheets to add to the party bag.

A book 

This is great for kids of any age. 

Cupcake in a jar kit

Fill recycled jars with all the dry ingredients for cupcakes along with a recipe and note of what else they will need to add. 

Alternatives include hot chocolate mix (with mini marshmallows, obviously!), cookies, or even a cake in a cup recipe – with all the ingredients in a mug rather than a jar.

Bath bombs

These are easy to make, and you’ll know all the ingredients are good stuff!

Friendship bracelets

This could be another activity to do with the party guests and they have something special to take home with them as a memento. 

How to decorate for a party without plastic!

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