A simple road trip checklist for your car

If you are planning a spring or summer road trip – it’s not a good idea to just throw a bag in the car and get going. If you are driving a long way, you should make sure you (and your car) are prepared so you don’t get stuck!

October 20, 2022
  1. Make sure you have enough fuel, oil, and radiator coolant. Keep some extra in the car just in case (always top up when the engine is cool, never hot.) How to save money on running your car
  1. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated (check the manufacturers handbook) and check the tread to make sure they are safe. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5mm in Australia but when the tread gets to 3mm replacement is recommended. Also look for uneven wear, cuts or any nails that may have become lodged.  
  1. Check your battery. Look out for these signs that it's running out of juice
  1. Clean your windscreen and make sure the wiper blades are operating effectively (replace them if not) and fill the windscreen washer bottle (take extra water with you to top up if necessary). Check the washing fluid container is operating correctly.  
  1. Make sure you have a spare wheel that is in roadworthy condition.  And make sure you have a car jack in case you have to change the tyre!
  1. Check that your headlights, brake lights and indicators are working properly. Make sure you check both high beam and low beam. If any aren’t working, replace the globes. Do you need a headlight restoration?
  1. Make sure all windows and mirrors are clean before you leave on your trip. It will also be worth taking a few clean microfibre clothes and some spray cleaner to give them a wipe if they get covered in grime while you are travelling.  
  1. Refer to your owner's manual to find out the maximum weight of the car when fully loaded with passengers and luggage, and make sure any cases or bags can’t move around and cause any injuries.
  1. Make sure your car is up to date with its servicing. If you have missed a few – have it serviced before you leave on your road trip.
  1. And finally, take a look at these driving habits that could be damaging your car!

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