16 fast and fabulous ways to help out in your community

Most people can find half an hour in their day to spare, so why not do something that will be great for your community and will take under 30 minutes of your time.

June 9, 2022
  1. Pick up any litter you come across while out walking and put it in the bin.
  1. Buy a coffee or lunch from a local café.
  1. Attend your local farmer’s market. You’ll know where the produce has come from, and you’ll be supporting local farmers.
  1. Pop in and say hi to an elderly neighbour – if you’ve been having a baking session, you could take them some yummy cake or muffins.  
  1. Share any excess home-grown produce with your neighbours. Just put it in a bucket at the end of your drive with a note inviting passers-by to take what they need.
  1. Going for a walk? Give a neighbour a helping hand and offer to walk their dog.
  1. When cooking dinner, make extra to share – this could be for a neighbour with a new baby or an elderly person who needs a helping hand (make sure you include a list of ingredients).
  1. Give someone a book that you have read and enjoyed.
  1. Leave a bowl of water the end of your driveway for any dogs being walked in your street.
  1. Bring in a neighbour’s bin after rubbish collection.  
  1. Is there a birthday coming up or a special occasion? Order a cake or something yummy from your local baker.  
  1. Breakfast on the run? Skip the fast-food places and grab a local takeaway instead.
  1. Make hello cards with the kids and brighten someone’s day.
  1. Slow down when driving. Research has shown driving more slowly makes streets safer for all road users and pedestrians.
  1. If you see a neighbour’s letterbox is overflowing and you know they are away from home, collect the mail and keep it for them until they get back.  
  1. Help a neighbour who is isolating. Here are some great ideas.

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