Money Saving Hacks

Great gifts for teachers that won't break the bank!

When the school year ends, it's a wonderful time to show your appreciation to those hardworking teachers who've made a positive impact on your child's education. Here are some budget-friendly and heartfelt gift ideas.

November 16, 2023

Potted plants

A small potted plant or succulent is a charming and long-lasting (hopefully!) gift.

Or decorate a plant pot and add packets of flower seeds to plant.

Homemade treats

Get your child involved in the kitchen and bake some homemade cookies or muffins. Place them in a decorative box or tin for a delicious and thoughtful gift.

Here are more foodie ideas to get you started:

Chilli and tomato chutney

Caramel slice

Pretzel caramel brittle

Candy cane fudge

Pistachio and cranberry shortbread

White chocolate rocky road

And if you really have left things to the last minute, whip up a batch of our microwave chocolate brownies!

Classroom supplies

Teachers often dip into their own pockets to buy supplies for the classroom. Consider gifting a bundle of much-needed supplies, such as pencils, markers, or notebooks. It's practical and genuinely helpful.

Book donations

A well-chosen book for the classroom library can be a wonderful gift that everyone can enjoy. Ask the teacher if there are any specific books or genres they would like to add to their collection.

Gift cards

While some may consider gift cards impersonal, they can be incredibly useful. Choose a gift card to a local coffee shop, bookstore, or office supply store to let your child's teacher treat themselves.

An apple for the teacher - with a difference!

Try a twist on an apple for the teacher with apple scented bubble bath or hand wash!

Message book

This one could take a bit of organising, but it’s well worth it! Ask all the students in the class to write a message to their teacher and why they loved being in the class.

Cookie kit

Put all the dry ingredients to make cookies in a jar, along with the recipe.

Teacher’s Survival Kit

Put together a gift basket with coffee, tea, chocolate, and cookies!

Remember, it's not about the cost of the gift, but the thought and appreciation behind it. Even a small, inexpensive gesture can go a long way in making your child's teacher feel valued and respected for their hard work throughout the school year.

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