Simple ways to save on birthday gifts

Simple ways to save on birthday gifts

If you added up all the money you spend on birthday presents over the year, it would probably be more than your think. But giving someone a gift on their birthday doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s what you can do.

May 6, 2021
A gift of homemade biscuits

Plan ahead

Buying last-minute gifts in a panic can be expensive. By planning ahead, you can spend a bit more time to find something perfect that is within your budget. You can also find some great deals in the sales and put them away (labelled with who the gift is for) until the big day.  

DIY gifts

A homemade gift can be a less expensive alternative. If you love to cook you could bake something special or make some pickles and preserves. If you sew you could make a beautiful cushion; or put a treasured photo in a frame. The options are endless.  

Gift your time

Think about the tasks that you can do for someone. Gifting babysitting or child-minding time will always go down well. Vouchers for gardening, washing the car or handyman sessions would also make a great gift.  You probably have skills you haven’t even thought of and this makes a really thoughtful gift rather than more ‘stuff’.    

Garden gifts

If you are a gardener, you have a huge range of gift options sitting there. You could pick flowers from your garden to make a beautiful bouquet. Take cuttings from your favourite shrubs and put them in a pretty pot. You could also gift home-grown produce in a basket.  

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