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No air-conditioning? Here’s how you can still stay cool

The warmer weather has already started to creep in – but what do you do in summer if you don’t have air conditioning, or it suddenly stops working?

November 10, 2023

For you

  • Make sure you drink enough water; your body cools itself by sweating and it can't do that without enough moisture.  

Why you should start your day with a glass of water

Easy ways to increase your water intake

  • Take a cool shower or bath

  • Always have a spray bottle filled with water handy to give yourself a quick spritz.

  • Cool your 'pulse points' with a wet cloth or ice pack.Your pulse points are the parts of your body where your blood is closest to your skin and include your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, feet and behind your knees. Don't apply an ice pack or ice directly on your skin - always wrap it in a cloth.  

  • Wear loose, light-weight clothing to help your body stay cool.

  • You can also chill socks in the fridge and put them on when you go to bed! Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body.

  • Enjoy an icy cold treat!

Make fast and fabulous ice cream in a bag!

3-ingredient strawberry yoghurt icy poles

For your home

  • Close your curtains or blinds (or both)

  • Use a fan. They don't really cool the air; they just move it around and make it feel cooler than it would without one. Try placing a bucket of ice in front of the fan to create a feeling of air conditioning. The fan will blow around the extra cold air the ice generates as it melts and naturally create a cooling mist.

  • Use low thread count cotton bedding to stay cooler at night- the lower the thread count, the more breathable (and cheaper!) it is.

  • Close the doors to any unused rooms.

  • Use energy efficient lightbulbs that don't give off as much heat.

  • Seal any gaps around windows and doors to stop the warm air sneaking in and any cool air drifting out

  • Insulate your roof space - this will also save money on energy bills. Consider installing outdoor blinds

  • Avoid using the oven which will heat up your home.

Here are some tasty recipes - no oven required!

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Brilliant burgers with onion jam

Japanese soba noodle salad with chicken

Haloumi and sweetcorn vegetable fritters

Use your BBQ instead  

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When It's hot, don't forget about your furry friends!

5 ways to keep your pet cool in summer

And if you do decide to invest in air conditioning, here are some things to consider:


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